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Why should you choose the Morgentaler Clinic?

Morgentaler Clinic is a trusted choice for reproductive health care in Canada. As a recognized leader in the field of reproductive health, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality services in a respectful and confidential environment.

All-women's team

We’re proud to be staffed exclusively by female healthcare professionals, offering a care environment where you can feel comfortable and respected.

Calm and respectful environment

Our clinic is designed to provide you with a calm, respectful and comfortable environment during your health care. We understand the importance of respecting your privacy and well-being.

Quality Healthcare

Since 1968, we’ve been providing exceptional abortion services, using our experience to offer you the best possible care.

We're committed to your rights

At Morgentaler Clinic, we support you in the decision-making process. Join us in upholding freedom of choice and respecting patients’ rights.

Adapted Services to Suit Your Requirements

To better accommodate women’s lives, the clinic is structured to provide abortion services in a single appointment.

Qualified medical team

Our doctors and medical staff are highly qualified and dedicated to your well-being.

Spoken Languages

We are proud to serve a diverse customer base and speak several languages to better meet your needs.

Schedule an appointment

We’re here to support you and surround you with loving care. Our clinic is an inclusive and welcoming space, where everyone can find the help they need.

Covered by RAMQ

Covered by IFHP (refugees)

Fees may apply if you do not have RAMQ or IFH coverage