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Surgical and medical abortion clinic

We offer a calm and respectful environment for all women who need our services, and for the person accompanying them.

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At our abortion clinic, we understand how delicate and emotional this decision can be. Rest assured that we are here to offer you warm and compassionate support throughout this process. Our medical team is highly qualified, respectful and dedicated to your well-being.

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Surgical abortion

Aspiration abortion is safe and available at our clinic for pregnancies up to 17 weeks.

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Medical abortion

Abortion with MifeGymiso is a safe alternative for terminating a pregnancy up to the 9th week.

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Terminated pregnancy

Intervention after a miscarriage

Find out how the Morgentaler Clinic can offer you caring and professional care for a terminated pregnancy. Our experienced medical team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a respectful environment and the highest quality care. Learn more about our terminated pregnancy services to make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

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Your choice. Your right.

We’re here to support you and surround you with loving care.
Our clinic is an inclusive and welcoming space, where everyone can find the help they need.

Covered by the RAMQ

Covered by the IFHP (refugees)

Fees apply if you don't have the RAMQ or the IFHP

Schedule an appointment by phone 514-844-4844. If we can’t be reached, please fill in the contact form, and we’ll call you back within the next working day.