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After the medication abortion

The Morgentaler Clinic in Montreal is committed to maintaining the highest standards of medical care.

Instructions to follow

Administration of medication :
1st: Mifepristone
2nd: Misoprostol: to be taken 24 to 48 hours after

Plan to be at home when you take misoprostol and for several hours afterwards.

Control and follow-up call

A nurse from the clinic will contact you by phone 10 to 12 days after taking the medication. This assessment will determine whether follow-up is necessary.

You must take the pregnancy test given to you 4 weeks after taking the 1st medication.

What to expect


Bleeding usually starts within 24 hours of taking misoprostol.

For certain women, bleeding may begin after taking the 1st drug. It is still necessary to take misoprostol (2nd drug).

Bleeding may be abundant, containing large clots or tissue for 7 to 10 days.

Les saignements diminuent habituellement au cours des 10 jours suivants.

Slight bleeding may continue for up to 6 weeks.


Intense cramping is normal after taking misoprostol. Cramps may be more painful than those experienced during menstruation.

How to reduce cramps

Take Ibuprofen 600 mg

Take Acetaminophen1000 mg

Take the narcotic (Tramadol or Codeine) prescribed by your doctor.

Do NOT take aspirin

Apply warm heat to the stomach

Get some rest

Other side effects after taking misoprostol

Certain women may experience the following symptoms: chills, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, fainting, hot flashes, vomiting. These symptoms usually last less than 24 hours.

More information

Normal menstruation may take up to 8 weeks to return.

Sexual activities can be recommenced after one week.

Tampons can be used once bleeding has subsided.


Fertility can be restored as early as day 7 after taking the medication.

Contraception can be started the day after misoprostol.

If the chosen method is an IUD, it can be inserted in 4 weeks.

Warnings and precautions

Both drugs can cause birth defects. You will need to take both drugs for the abortion to be effective. Please avoid becoming pregnant again before your next period.

Following your abortion, call the clinic if you have any questions about :


A positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after the abortion

Your contraception



For urgent questions:

Saignements abondants (3 serviettes pleines ou plus en 2 heures)

Severe pain not relieved by Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen

Fever over 38.0°C for 4 hours or longer

Call the clinic: 514-844-4844